Community Service refers to service that an Institution performs for the benefit of its local community in order to strengthen the sense of civic engagement and nationalism, Broaden educational, developmental and social goals.

Within this background it has become a culture for East African University Rwanda Staffs and students to step outside of the familiar environments and expand horizons by providing services to the vulnerable and needy of the community as it is the Nationality focus in combating poverty and promoting social security.

This year 2018 EAUR was engaged in the government program of GIRINKA literally translated as a program of giving at least one cow per poor family to combat poverty and promote Unity and togetherness among Rwandans. A cow in Rwandan tradition and culture is a symbol of friendship and wealth. Thus giving a cow to a person you have indeed created and confirmed friendship and given wealth and prosperity in addition,  Scientifically a cow provides milk which has most of the nutrients needed by our body but also facilitates agriculture where by cow dung are used as composite manure for crops and hence increased production.

It is on this background that EAUR on 28th June, 2018 gave 2 beautiful cows to 2 vulnerable genocide survivors in a bid to comfort them and improve their welfare an activity among many others which are rooted in EAUR principles of corporate social responsibility and service to the community.


By Mr. Christopher Asaba Muyoboke;
Human Resource & Assistant Lecturer
East African University Rwanda