Accessibility Support Centre (ASC)

East African University Rwanda (EAUR) – Accessibility Support Centre (ASC)

Welcome to the Accessibility Support Centre (ASC)

At the East African University Rwanda, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students. Our Accessibility Support Centre (ASC) is available, dedicated to supporting all university students with different types of disabilities whether physical, sensory, psychological or mental, or with a chronic illness and special needs learning difficulties in their academic journey and beyond.  

We encourage first-year students, and students from subsequent years who are continuing with their studies and have not already registered for the support in ASC, are welcome to REGISTER for disability OR special learning difficulties support. We recommend you do so as soon as possible after starting your course/program at EAUR.

Vision and Mission

Vision: “We aim to foster diversity, equity, equality and accessibility.”

Mission: Our mission is to provide learning opportunities aiming to enhance quality education for all through diverse support services, partnership, and teamwork for community service delivery.

Location of the Centre

The Accessibility Support Centre (ASC) will be located at the Nyagatare main campus within the Students’ Welfare Unit, headed by the Dean of Students. The centre will be  equipped with necessary assistive technologies and specialized equipment to support users.

Contact us: +250782023244

Objectives of the Accessibility Support Centre (ASC)

  1. Ensure Accessibility: To encourage and ensure that students with disabilities have reasonable access tailored to their individual needs, ensuring equitable access to education.
  2. Enhance Support: Develop and implement personalized and effective support measures that foster both academic success and social development in an inclusive environment.
  3. Enhance Participation: Create and environment and space that allows for full participation of the campus community and support students with disabilities to actively participate in all educational and extracurricular activities, ensuring their full integration into university life.
  4. Promote Inclusivity: Advocate for and facilitate the involvement of students with disabilities in complementary educational activities, promoting a fully inclusive university experience.
  5. Self-Understanding and Awareness: To encourage students to know their strengths and weaknesses to deepen their self-confidence and explore what a fulfilling life means to each one of discovering and supporting to grow their potential regardless of any disability

Students Support Centre Users

The ASC will serve:

  1. Students with Disabilities (SWD): Daily use for research, assignments, exams, etc.
  2. Other Students: Collaborative work with SWD, promoting inclusivity.
  3. Academic Staff: Access to necessary resources for teaching SWD.
  4. Local Communities: Nearby community members with disabilities.
  5. EAUR Graduates with Disability: Continued access for research and job-related support.


  • We promote inclusive practices: Throughout the campus community and we are committed to the provision of an equitable learning environment that will enable you to become an independent learner and highly skilled graduate.
  • Assistive Technology Support: Training on and access to assistive technologies, including screen readers and speech-to-text software.
  • Learning /Skills Support
  • Internship placement support
  • Translation Services: Converting handouts, tests, and examinations to and from braille.
  • Specialized Software: Access to computers with software for various disabilities.
  • Academic Advising: Specialized advisors to help students plan courses, select accommodations, and succeed academically.
  • Other Specialized supports

Raising awareness among students, faculty, and staff about the Accessibility Support Centre available at EAUR for students with disabilities and those with special needs.

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