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Lecturers prepare our full-time Film School students getting a step closer to their filmmaking dreams and come out to their best.

Our full-time education prepares Film School students for a lifelong career on Camera and screen as well as unprecedented craft of acting. Are you passionate about film? Led by  experienced Lecturers, the EAUR Film School courses covers digital film making, directing, acting for film, producing, screenwriting, editing, animation, cinematography, digital photography, graphics & special effects, […]

EAUR takes pride in producing highly-trained individuals in culinary Art in Hotel and Tourism industry. Knives are sharper, stoves are hotter, space is tighter, and everything running at a full speed.

EAUR aspires to produce locally and internationally-skilled graduates who will continue to do well in the hospitality industry. We consider Culinary Arts as a serious career path. This program benefits those whose passion lies in cooking and food presentation skills. Students are able to learn in a classroom environment as well as practice their skills? […]

Reading has been placed at forefront in EAUR teaching and learning process

In most Higher Learning institutions in African, regrettably reading has been placed at the back flame. Many students only read for the sake of passing their examinations.  We challenge our students that the development of the intellectual capacities of individuals to develop into useful members of the community requires one to read. We believe that […]