East African University Rwanda(EAUR) With Kasneb Launches Professional Courses along with undergraduate program.

In the list of preferred qualifications, Undergraduate is one of the first qualifications that students
aspire for. But going just for undergraduate for today, might not help students to get through their
dream jobs. The world is changing fast and we need our students to keep up with rising demand for
specialized skills in the job market.
The professional qualification orients students to various professional fields such as Accounting,
Economics, Banking, procurement and supplies, technologists, amongst others and acquaint them with
the professional skills and competences, required for public, private and international assignments that
are specific to their career.
The following programs were launched to be offered along with undergraduate programs
CPA (Certified Public Accountants), CIFA (Certified Investment and Financial Analysts), CS (Certified
Secretaries), CICT (Certified Information Communication Technologists), CCP (Certified Credit
Professionals), DICT(Diploma in Information Technology), & DCM(Diploma in Credit Management)
All these are particular professional courses involve more of practical and skills based learning than
theories.  It you are planning to make a career in such professions, then you have to take these
professional courses.