Vice Chancellor

Prof. CAllixte Kabera
Vice – Chancellor of East African University Rwanda


It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to extend my mega congratulations to the students graduating today. I am greatly honored to welcome you all invitees to East African University Rwanda 4th graduation ceremony. This event is certainly historical. We are congregated together in all our numbers as EAUR BOT, Management, staff and faculty, students, parents and guardians, friends, partners, and local community members. Times have changed, thanks to God and efforts of our able Government and resilience of the community to have defeated the Covid 19 pandemic and we have to do this graduation ceremony face to face. After 3 years of hard work, I am sure there is inside you a fire burning with joy and excitement! A feeling of internal happiness is meaningful, after achieving this significant milestone in your lifetime. We are here today to acknowledge and celebrate the great work you have done, to honor you with warm congratulations and to send you on your way to the next steps in your life with the blessings and good wishes from the entire EAUR Community.

This fourth graduation is an important event in the history of East Africa University Rwanda since its commencement following a cabinet sitting of 20th March, 2015, where a decision was made to grant EAUR full-fledged university status. The decision was officially gazetted on 30th June2015.

The Government of Rwanda through HEC has in its endeavors to ensure Higher Learning Institutions comply with the highest quality standards. EAUR has in all those occasions been found to be compliant and willing to comprehensively implement any recommendations given to us. This has ensured that we remain in operations and continue to grow on a daily basis.

The University was accredited with five programs, such as bachelor’s degree in business administration & Management Studies, the Programs of Bachelor’s degree of Leisure Tourism and Hotel Management, the programme of Bacherlors’ Degree with honors in Education, the programme of Bachelors’ Degree in Industrial Art and Design, the programme of Bachelors’ Degree in Film Making and Film Production and the programme of Bachelors’ Degree in Mass 21 11 13 11Communications. These programmes run under six respective schools which offer as well qualifications from Diploma to degrees level.

EAUR has initiated relevant and new competitive academic programs which are aligned to the strategic sectors of the country’s economy such as Film Making and Film Production, Industrial Art and Design, Mass Communication/Journalism, Leisure Tourism and Hotel Management to mention but few. The University has embarked on the review of its academic curricula to sustain a balance between class theory and industrial practice. The curriculum review process is participatory by embracing interaction with key stakeholders such as professional bodies and industries, in order to graduate students who are ready for work and Business Development.

EAUR recognizes the critical role played by research and development in accelerating economic development. In an effort to participate in solving various problems affecting the country, the University established the Directorate of Research, innovation and consultance to spearhead, promote and participate in research, grant writing and consultancy, and dissemination of knowledge, skills and competency development. Some lecturers have edited books, published book chapters and articles in international peer review journals. Every last academic year, EAUR has hosted and participated in various public lectures, conferences, seminars, and workshops.

The University has good collaborations with the public and private sector. EAUR belongs to BDK Universities Network which includes Kampala University in Uganda and The East African University Kitengela in Kenya. It is a full member of Inter- University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) and Organisation Rwandaise des Institutions Privées d’ Enseignement Supérieur (ORIPES).

EAUR has established partnership with Film houses production locally, regionally and internationally, whereby it is exchanging staff and materials. Furthermore, it has Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with secondary schools, hotels and restaurants, Tour Companies where the students conduct their teaching practice and internship. The university also started engaging banks which have branches in Nyagatare town, such as Ecobank and Bank of Kigali.

Since the inception of EAUR, we have a history of triumphs, we have not yet had a history of setbacks. We want to take this great opportunity to thank the BoT and the entire BDK Universities Network that stands by EAUR providing what is required to see us reach this precious moment.

Allow me to quote Anatole France, a French Academician, who wrote in 1896; “To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe”. We are a university that expects to succeed. Interventional strategies to propel EAUR to the next level. It is on that basis, that EAUR opened a fully accredited branch in Kigali city in 2021, and this will help EAUR to re-position itself and to evolve as a strong researchbased institution, introducing new programs, upgrading to masters programs and mounting of international professional and certified short courses.

Since assuming my position as the Vice-Chancellor of this young but great and promissing University, I have received numerous delegations and visitors. I have experienced how they respect EAUR and hold it in high esteem. Our visibility and impact in Nyagatare and our presence in Kigali are opening great opportunities and also instill in us a strong sense of urgency and responsibility. Now we are looking further and we are happy to do it with you.

Our celebration for clocking eight years in provision of quality education has not come by accident. It has been through the concerted efforts and team work of various stakeholders. I wish to salute the Chairman, Amb. Prof Kateregga and the Chief executive Director, Mrs Jolly Irankunda Kateregga, the entire Board of Trustees for the support, guidance and advice accorded to us over time. In particular, We greatly thank the Chairman BOT, and the Chief Executive Director, for the relentless work, sacrifice and zeal that have been critical to the progress so far made by EAUR to date.

May I also express my gratitude to the University Council, the Senior Management and staff for setting up the necessary infrastructure to make East African University Rwanda a prestigious destination of academic excellence.

I wish to pay special thanks to the NYAGATARE and Eastern Province Authorities and Community at large for promoting East African University as a most of our students come from the neighboring region. We are strengthened by working together and your solidarity with us is paramount.

I pay special tribute to the members of staff and faculty who have prepared our students during their stay here. I also thank the parents, sponsors and guardians for the sacrifices they have made over the years to educate their children.

Once again, our renewed thanks to the Guest of Honor, the Chancellor, the BoT, the University Council and all of you for gracing the occasion and being with us. May God bless you all!